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Nutritious & Delicious Meals

Created by Certified Nutritionists to deliver every nutrient and energy that mothers need to thrive and be the best mother they can be.

Traditional Wisdom

For thousands of years, hundreds of cultures all over the world have developed and practiced similar traditions of caring for mothers after childbirth with the belief, 40 Days for 40 Years, which signifies the impact of these 40 days on the rest of a woman’s life. Not only is this sacred window a golden opportunity to prevent the development of long-term emotional, mental or physical health problems, but also heal any chronic or lifelong conditions permanently.


We are dedicated to leveraging these ancient wisdom in order to best support mothers as they make their journey through motherhood a conscious and positive one for themselves and family. For example, many of our recipes are based on Ayurveda, the oldest science of life and the lesser known sister of Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Evidence-based Practice

In addition to knowledge from ancient medicine, our recipes are based on the most current research on health and nutrition, designed to rejuvenate mothers during one of the most sensitive and vulnerable period of their lives.


Our meals provide all the nutrients that mothers (and any breastfed babies) need in order to prevent nutritional deficiencies. Each meal plans have specific goals of addressing and supporting women through commonly experienced health issues such as infections, indigestion and/or constipation, sleep disturbances, stress, exhaustion and depression to name a few. Lastly, as holistic nutritionists, we can creatively cater our menu to most food allergies/sensitivities and specialty diets including vegan, paleo, gluten-free and dairy-free.

How it works

Choose a Package based on your personal needs.

Whether it’s just for the first three days, ten days, forty days or beyond, we got you covered with complete meals, snacks and drinks for the entire day.

Fill out the intake form for your custom menu.

Tell us about dietary preferences and restrictions so we can personalize the menu for you to enjoy. You can find sample menus under each package.

Is the baby on her way? We’ll get cooking!

When your labour starts, we will start cooking using fresh, organic/pasture-raised and seasonal ingredients sourced locally and ethically whenever possible.

Delivered to your door (or hospital bed)!

All prepared and delivered so you can rest, heal, nurse your baby and fall in love with your baby over and over again. You deserve that time and space.

Meal Packages for Mothers

Our foods are made with fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients sourced locally and ethically whenever possible.
All our animal-based ingredients are grass-fed, pasture-raised and/or organic.


Why Charlie's Meals?

Because as Heng Ou, the author of The First Forty Days, said best, “it is time to reclaim the postpartum period and reinstate it to its rightful place as the important conclusion of the childbearing story, one that deserves as much forethought as pregnancy and birth.”

What makes your meals special compared to other healthy meals?

Our meals provide all the nutrients that specifically mothers (and any of their breastfed babies) need in order to prevent nutritional deficiencies in the future. Based on the principles and wisdom from Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, our meals are designed to prevent the development of long-term emotional, mental or physical health problems prevalent in mothers. Furthermore, each meal plans have extra nutrients, aimed at addressing and supporting women through commonly experienced health issues such as infections, indigestion and/or constipation, sleep disturbances, stress, exhaustion and depression to name a few.

Are the meals only for mothers or the entire family?

Currently, we only serve mothers and not other family members. If you are interested in a healthy meal option for your family, please contact us directly and we will be happy to make recommendations in your area.

What areas do you serve?

Currently, we serve the Greater Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara Area.

What do different meal plans include?

When you click on each meal plan, you can find a more detailed description of each meal plan, including how many meals, snacks and drinks are included and a sample menu. 

How much is delivery?

Nothing! Delivery within Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area is included in the price of each meal package.

Do you offer any individual meals or smaller packages?

Currently, we only offer entire meal plans during different phases after childbirth in order to deliver a more holistic and comprehensive experience. Often, women consume “healthy” meals thinking it’s appropriate for them after childbirth when it can actually have a detrimental impact on their health. For example, raw green salads are typically beneficial for most, but it should be avoided after childbirth in order to protect the mother from cold and light elements; instead she should eat and drink foods with warm and moist elements that require minimal chewing. Our meal plans are designed to patiently nourish the woman’s body and soul back to health so that after approximately 40 days, she can enjoy all the diverse foods that nature offers without long-term health consequences.

Can you accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences?

We can definitely accommodate mothers on a vegan, paleo, dairy-free and gluten-free diet. We cannot, however, accommodate ketogenic or sugar-free diets; nor do we recommend it during the this period especially if the mother is breastfeeding. Other food allergies, sensitivities and specialty diets can be discussed during the intake process or you can contact us directly with your questions anytime!

Is there any fee in customizing the meals to accommodate special diets and restrictions?

Nope! Everyone is unique in their own way, different health challenges come and go at different times in our lives and look differently to each individual. We want to accommodate and cook the best meal for each mother we serve so there is no barrier or penalty for you to receive that.

Can mothers lose their pregnancy weight by eating these meals?

Our meal plans are not designed to help women lose the weight gained during pregnancy. We understand why this may be a concern or priority for some women, but we believe in listening to our bodies first and foremost. Hence, depending on the woman’s choice to breastfeed, her activity level and other factors affecting her metabolism, we can advise on alternative portion sizes, but we do not recommend limiting caloric intake purely for weight loss. Also, it is important to note that weight gain through our meal plans are extremely rare due to the nutrient density of our foods. After the forty days, we can definitely provide resources and recommendations to health practitioners who can coach you through weight loss.

Your meals look amazing, but I cannot afford it.

We believe in food sovereignty, accessibility and personalization when it comes to food so we offer two options. (1) For mothers from low-income families, we are raising funds for bursaries to be distributed so if this applies to you, please contact us with the date of your baby’s arrival or birth date if your baby is already here. (2) Depending on your circumstance, we can offer a fair and reasonable payment plan so please contact us explaining your situation. For anyone who wish to support our mission and/or our bursary program, please contact us.

Let’s Connect!

We would love to hear from you with any questions or thoughts.

Our commercial kitchen is located:

on the traditional territory of the Haudensaunee and Anishnaabeg, now known as Hamilton. We are a proud member of the Kitchen Collective.

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